Upgrades to Power Driver boards

November 9th, 2013

It started as a germ of an idea, but fits in with my drive to get the most out of the least. So I combined the 3 channel power driver with the 4 channel IR controlled power driver. Although you can’t mount the pot on the board (or use channel 4 as a power driver since you are using it for the A2D) it does mean that one board now does both jobs, just have to hard-wire the pot in – extra hole provided.

On a similar basis I looked at combining the 8 channel power driver with IR receiver capability, whist making some pin allocation changes to give access to all 4 hardware PWM channels. It now lets you build either an IR controlled 8 channels, OR an A2D controlled 8 channels, with two digital inputs to further expand capabilities. The ability to use either pull-up or pull down resistors has been included on the board as port C does not support the internal ones.

To control 8 channels without buying a controller posed a brief problem, until I thought about using a “dial the code and press to send” option. Based on the Piggyaxe 08M motherboard and RGB daughter-board, it was a simple matter to use the A2D to select the number. With 300 degrees of rotation to subdivide, so every 20 degrees would allow 15 different commands to be easily selected. One push-button to send, one IR LED, one Indicator LED, last channel wired as as a push-switch to ground using internal pull-ups which could be used as the ‘write to memory then all off’ button…..should be easy enough to code 🙂