FINALLY!! PCBs available…

May 7th, 2013

As per the title, after a serious amount of prototyping, development work and a leap of faith I now have some rather handy boards available.

First off is a single A4 panel comprising 39 different boards, building up into 19 different projects with some duplicates of the beginners stuff. Ideal for hobbyists, experimenters, schools etc.

8 different Picaxe 08M based project boards (with 8 motherboards to control them). 4 different 14M2 boards and motherboards, currently a Binary timer, KITT scanner, Dual RGB+2 White and a 8 channel power driver for 12 volt tape LEDs.

Second I have a single 08Mx motherboard / daughter board pair, the daughter board can take 7 (or more) inputs and then control 3 LEDs (Red, Green, Blue or single RGB) using a variety of software. With modern LEDs (also available) you can seriously light a room!

Also available is a lovely little board for the ever useful Joule thief, designed to fit in 1/2 of a dual AA battery box, compete with switch. I have 30 of these KITS available at £2 each, plus delivery based on numbers. This includes 4 LEDs with each kit, so you can choose or change.

Contact me for more info, but the A4 panel is £32.5 delivered UK and the smaller boards (2, one of each, are £1 each plus delivery).